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Amy Poehler Wants to Play Captain Marvel’s Sister in the Marvel Cinematic Universe


“I do feel like there’s a lot of room in the Marvel Universe for people who could be just like the helpers.”


SNL chums Amy Poehler and Seth Meyers reunited (albeit remotely) on Late Night with Seth Meyers last night, and during the interview I think we found our next Marvel Cinematic Universe standout. Poehler was on the show to promote her new directorial effort Moxie (now streaming on Netflix), but Meyers took the opportunity to ask Poehler how she felt about Parks and Recreation alum Kathryn Hahn getting to play a Marvel villain in the buzzworthy MCU show WandaVision. And this spurred Poehler to reveal her idea for how she might fit into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

“I do feel like there’s a lot of room in the Marvel Universe for people who could be just like the helpers. I feel like I could be Brie Larson’s bossy sister who’s not in the biz… I feel like there could be somebody who’s turning on the lasers. Because you never see that. You never see who’s turning things on and off, who’s closing up the headquarters at night.”

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The conversation then turns to both Poehler and Meyers’ jealousy of everyone who’s down in Australia filming Taika Waititi’s Marvel sequel Thor: Love and Thunder right now, since Australia has COVID-19 under control and it’s pretty easy-going at the moment. But Meyers didn’t let Poehler leave without asking her to perform an audition for Captain Marvel’s sister, and it does not disappoint.

So if Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige is reading or watching this, I’m sincerely hoping they make room for Poehler in Captain Marvel 2. And she has a good point! Somebody’s gotta turn those lasers on and off, and shut down headquarters so they don’t run their electricity bill too high. This, of course, then paves the way for a mini Parks and Rec universe inside the Marvel Cinematic Universe, if they now have Poehler, Hahn, and of course Chris Pratt.

So make it happen, Marvel. It’s the right thing to do.

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