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Animal Crossing Update Bringing Hello Kitty & April Fools’ Pranks to Your Island


Finally! Farts are also coming to Nintendo’s island simulator.


Animal Crossing: New Horizons is getting yet another update, which will include Sanrio characters, more customization options, and the dreaded return of Zipper and Bunny Day. However, maybe the most important update announced — maybe in the game’s history — is the introduction of whoopee cushions.

Thanks to an update from Nintendo, we now know whoopee cushions are arriving to help players celebrate April Fools’ Day, a date internationally known as the celebration of pranks and jokes. Between March 26 and April 1, whoopie cushions can be ordered from the in-game Nook Shopping service. They come in different colors and, per the official image revealed by Nintendo, interacting with whoopee cushions will allow a player to sit on it and have a laugh at the thought that Animal Crossing: New Horizons now includes farts.

Another big addition is the inclusion of support for the Sanrio Collaboration Pack, a special set of amiibo cards that will be sold by Target stores in the United States after March 26. These special amiibo cards will allow players to trade bells for special furniture and fashion items inspired by the Hello Kitty franchise. Six new Animal Crossing: New Horizons characters can also be invited to the player’s island using these cards, increasing the number of possible villagers in the game. The last time an Animal Crossing and Hello Kitty crossover happened was in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, and it’s definitely good news for fans that Nintendo is bringing so much new and old content to New Horizons, like the Mario crossover that hit the game in February.

Image via Nintendo

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The next update will also bring prom-inspired items and clothing to the game, as well as the return of incessant egg collecting when Bunny Day arrives on April 4. Another welcome addition is the expansion of the Pro Designer in-game app, which allows players to create their own items, and even share them with friends if they have a Nintendo Online subscription. The upgrades in the Pro Design tool will allow the player to customize a new set of items, such as umbrellas and small flags, and will add 50 new slots for players to save their best designs.

Finally, New Horizons’ next update will also allow players to use pictures and footage they capture on their Nintendo Switch to create posters and touristic trailers of their own island, through a new web-based service called Island Tour Creator. The Island Tour Creator will be a limited-time tool that will go online on March 23, and will be available until the end of 2021.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons‘ next update arrives on the Nintendo Switch on March 18. You can right below for the official thread of announcement tweets.

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