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Anna Kendrick Is on a Mission to Mars in Netflix Sci-Fi Film


Netflix just dropped the first trailer for its new sci-fi thriller Stowaway, starring Daniel Dae Kim, Anna Kendrick, Toni Collette and Shamier Anderson. Co-written and directed by Joe Penna, the film follows the crew of a spaceship headed to Mars who find an accidental stowaway shortly after takeoff. Penna’s last film was the tundra survival movie Arctic, starring Mads Mikkelsen. I’m sure we can expect some similar survivalist genre modes but in the much more fun landscape of space.

The trailer starts with your usual set-up in space. The stowaway comes to terms with the fact that he’s stuck in space and makes the most of it. We have some friendly joking with the crew, some cool space walking and an overview of the trip’s purpose. Naturally, there can never be a successful and routine mission to space, so let’s spin the dial and see what problem we land on. Bloodthirsty aliens? Meteor shower? Team member goes crazy? For Stowaway, the dilemma of choice is a life support malfunction, which would only provide enough oxygen for three people to make it to Mars without suffocating. Place your bets now if the team decides to head back or face the trials to complete their mission. (That’s not even a good bet though, you know they’re going to complete the mission).

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Even though the plot seems a little reductive, Penna’s assembled a killer cast that will certainly elevate the film to new levels. Kendrick stars as the medical researcher, who will be the only dissenting voice as the one who wants to turn back. Anderson stars as the titular stowaway, Kim as the resident biologist, and Collette makes the commander I would follow anywhere. I’m particularly thrilled to see Anderson appearing in more films, who is best known for playing U.S. Deputy Marshal Xavier Dolls in Wynonna Earp.

Netflix has always been a champion of the sci-fi genre, providing a home for films and television shows like The Midnight Sky, Space Force and Away. The streaming giant also just dropped their new sci-fi series The One, based on the popular books by John Marrs. Of course, we’re all just really waiting for the fourth season of Stranger Things, which I’m sure will star now full-grown adults instead of our lovable band of kids after this wait.

Stowaway hits Netflix on April 22. Watch the first trailer below.

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