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Arkansas’ between-the-legs pass propels them to win


Every team wants to win in the NCAA Tournament. But if you can win while racking up some style points, that’s even sweeter. 

Arkansas dide exactly that Friday, as the team pulled off an unreal between-the-legs pass to battle it’s way back against Colgate. 

With the team down by 4 points, Arkansas forward Justin Smith saved a ball from going out of bounds near the Arkansas basket. Guard Davonte Davis caught it and dribbled into some traffic, but noticed JD Notae was wide open behind Davis. Instead of turning around and firing the pass, Davis tossed it between his legs, like an NFL center snapping the ball to a quarterback in the shotgun. 

Notae nailed the three, cutting Colgate’s lead to just one point. 

Arkansas completes comeback over Colgate

That play seemed to reinvigorate Arkansas. After falling behind early in the second half, Arkansas battled its way back for a 85-68 win over Colgate. Things looked dicey until Notae’s three. Arkansas led Colgate by just three points going into halftime, and lost that lead early in the second half. Arkansas seemed to get their act together following the between-the-legs pass.

An upset would have been significant. Arkansas entered the tournament as a No. 3 seed. Colgate was a No. 14 seed. While not unprecedented, those upsets don’t happen often. Arkansas has a lot to be happy about following the victory, but — for their fans’ sake — hopefully their next contest won’t be as stressful.

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