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Army to establish new Special Operations Brigade


The British Army is to establish a new Special Operations Brigade to carry out missions in “high threat” environments overseas, the Ministry of Defence has announced.

Under the plans, four infantry battalions will be absorbed into a new Ranger Regiment enabling them to undertake roles traditionally carried out by Special Forces – the SAS and SBS.

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace said they would be at the forefront of a more “active and engaged” armed forces following the publication earlier this week of the Integrated Review of foreign and defence policy.

These Ranger battalions will be at the vanguard at a more active and engaged armed forces

They will be routinely deployed around the world supporting allied nations in delivering defence and security.

A share of £120 million will be invested in the unit to enable to take part in “collective deterrence” such as training, advising, enabling and accompanying partner forces.

At the same time, a new Security Force Assistance Brigade will draw from specialised infantry units to provide further guidance and training to allied forces.

Mr Wallace said: “The best way to prevent conflict and deter our adversaries is to work alongside partners to strengthen their security and resilience.

“These Ranger battalions will be at the vanguard at a more active and engaged armed forces.”

The Chief of the General Staff, General Sir Mark Carleton-Smith, said the Special Operations Brigade was designed to operate alongside “both regular and irregular partners and proxies in high-threat and hostile environments”.

“The Army Ranger Regiment will be the vanguard of the Army’s global footprint,” he said.


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