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Asylum seekers to be removed from military barracks in Wales


Asylum seekers will be moved out of military barracks in Wales within days, the Welsh Secretary has said.

Mr Hart’s letter said that although the decision to use the camp to house asylum seekers had caused “much frustration and anger” in the community, the Home Office claimed it had “little option at the time.”

The first of around 250 male asylum seekers aged between 18-35 moved into the site in September of last year.

The decision comes after an independent inspection of the Penally site, as well that of Napier Barracks in Folkestone, Kent, found they were “impoverished, run-down and unsuitable for long-term accommodation”.

Mr Hart’s letter on Tuesday said: “I am very pleased to confirm that the Home Office has agreed to return Penally Camp to the Ministry of Defence by March 21.

“The decision has been taken following many weeks of discussions between myself, the Wales Office and the Home Office ministerial team.

“During those meetings and discussions (which have been taking place almost daily over the last few months) we have tried to ensure that the concerns of everybody involved have been properly and legally accounted for.

“The impact of flight and accommodation regulations due to Covid-19 have made this much more complicated than would usually be the case.

“I am deeply conscious that the manner in which the use of Penally came about caused much frustration and anger. The Home Office has recognised this contributed to heightened tensions, but stress they had little option at the time.”


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