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Discover Fab Fibre and Super fibre broadband deals from Now Broadband


Broadband connections were already important. But recently they have revealed to be a vital connection to the world, offering everything from the latest films to meaningful chats with friends.

But for all the excitement and joy that your broadband can bring, actually choosing one can be a confusing and somewhat dull exercise. And if you choose the wrong one, it can be even worse, leaving you with loading screens rather than silver screens and dropped connections rather than deep conversations.

Thankfully, NOW Broadband is ready to solve all of those issues. Choosing which package you want is simple, and whichever one you get will give you a stable and fast internet connection that will be there when you need it.

Still, the company offers a variety of options depending on what you need for your connection.

All of them offer great value and fast speeds. But some of them offer even more: connections so fast that games and films will load in seconds, or prices so reasonable that you’ll be astonished what you get.

And NOW Broadband is notable in that it offers short 12-month contract lengths – or even no contract at all with its 0-month options, in return for a signing-up fee. The deals are so good that you might never want to leave, but if you do then doing so is a breeze.

The big question with an internet package is how much it costs, and how fast it is, which is measured in Mbps. In short, that’s a measure of how much data can get into your house each second, and so having a high number is key to ensuring that your connection is speedy enough to cope.

The helpful thing is that all of NOW Broadband’s packages are very quick, and all of them offer great value. The only question you really need to ask yourself is how fast you need them to be, and what price you’re looking to pay.

And unlike some other broadband companies, NOW Broadband does away with the complicated things that make comparing them so difficult. Whichever option you choose, you’ll get unlimited downloads, free anytime calls, line rental included and no activation fee – doing away with the annoying maths and hidden charges that can make choosing between different operators so frustrating.

The most popular of NOW Broadband’s options is its Fab Fibre deal. In return you get an average download speed of 36 Mbps, enough to ensure that any film, game, music or video call.

But perhaps the best deal that NOW Broadband currently offers is probably its Super Fibre option: not only is it surprisingly cheap, at £24 per month until 18 March, it’s also blazingly fast.

For that price, NOW Broadband offers an average download speed of 63 Mbps. That is so fast that you are likely to forget what loading screens even look like.

It’s the option that’s likely to appeal to gamers, given that lag is likely to become a thing of the past. And it is a great option for home cinema aficionados, too, given that it will be able to download even high quality 4K video in a matter of minutes.

But it is worth remembering that fast connections are not only for those people who use lots of data and require instant access to it. They will also help any houses where the internet has to support a lot of people: a speedy connection can be invaluable if you have a busy home, ensuring that gaming, homework, family video calls and movie nights can all share an internet connection and everyone can access what they need.

If value is more of a concern, then the Brilliant Broadband package offers everything you might need at an even more affordable price. For £18 per month, NOW Broadband offers an average download speed of 11mbps – which is more than enough for any film, game or call.

With any of the options, you’re going to get access to a speedy connection and superb value. The only real question is: how fast do you want to go?


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