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Forspoken Trailer Reveals New Title for Square Enix’s Project Athia


Plus, check out a new scene from the upcoming Luminous Games release.


The game once known as Project Athia got an official new name during Thursday’s Square Enix Presents virtual conference: Forspoken. Square Enix also revealed a new teaser for the game, that allows us to take a better look at the upcoming title. The news was given by actress Ella Balinska (Charlie’s Angels), who’s working on the motion capture and voice acting of protagonist Frey Holland, an ordinary woman who gets involved in a mystical adventure.

Balinska also presented the new teaser, which starts with a cinematic scene following Frey while she hides from a dragon behind some ruins. It’s worth noting that, just like in the reveal trailer published last year, the new teaser also focuses on Frey’s shoes, a pair of sneakers that indicate the woman does not originally belong to the fantasy world where the game takes place.

The teaser also gives us a new look at the gameplay of Forspoken, with the protagonist dashing through the air, creating magic barriers to defend herself from enemies and conjuring giant roots that can be used to attack monsters. There’s an obvious improvement in the fluidity of movement and action from what was already shown last year, which means the team behind the project, Luminous Studio, is polishing the gameplay as much as they can to create a memorable experience.

Forspoken Trailer Ella Balinska
Image via Square Enix

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We still don’t know much about Forspoken, besides the fact that this is a story-driven game with action and adventure elements. But in an industry where AAA games seem to be more and more dependent on loot mechanics and microtransactions, a good-old fashion single-player story with high polish is always a welcomed project.

There’s still no official release date for Forspoken but we do know it’s set to arrive sometime in 2022. As more news becomes available, we’ll be sure to report everything right here. You can check Forspoken new teaser right below:

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