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GALAHAD 3093 Beta Release Date Revealed


Get your mechs ready for the fight!


The mech-based hero shooter GALAHAD 3093 will be getting its first extended open beta test on Steam starting March 19, per an announcement from developer Simutronics. Any player willing to participate will be able to join the fast-paced multiplayer combat and play around with the customization of their own Lance — the game’s mech vehicles which are used for combat.

GALAHAD 3093 revolves around the customization of combat-mechs to fit a player’s style, so that it’s possible to adopt a completely different strategy in each match. Players will be able to choose the class of their mech and equip different weapons, deployable systems and tech modules. The riders of the mechs, called Knights, will also have passive and active abilities, allowing for thousands of different combinations for the player.

Image via Simutronics/Steam

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Mixing a sci-fi setting with Arthurian legends, GALAHAD 3093 puts 32 players into two opposing teams that need to fight to win and hold three strategic locations on the map. This means that balancing the customizable aspects of each Lance and Knight is as essential as communicating with teammates before and during combat. Simutronics Corp. is also planning other beta tests down the road as a way to collect data and shape the ongoing development of the title in response to player’s feedback.

Any player willing to play the open beta, share their thoughts and help build a better final gaming experience can go to the game’s Steam page from Friday, March 19 at 8 p.m. ET to Sunday, March 28 at 12 p.m. Between these two dates, any player will be able to click on the “Request Access” button and join the fight. During this first beta, players will only have access to the first map of the game, called “The Canyon.”

There’s still no final release date for GALAHAD 3093, but an Early Access version is set to be released in 2021. Check out the gameplay trailer below.

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