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Harry and Meghan’s Californian home ‘breached twice by intruder’


Nickolas Brooks, 37, was allegedly first caught trespassing on the Californian property on December 24.

But the Santa Barbara’s Sheriff’s Office let him off with a warning, gossip site TMZ reported.

However, Mr Brooks allegedly returned to the property two days later. He has been arrested by local police and charged with one count of misdemeanour trespassing.

It is not known whether the duke and duchess were in the home at the time.

It comes a week after the couple’s explosive interview with Oprah Winfrey was broadcast around the world.

Meghan was tearful during the interview

/ Courtesy of Harpo Productions/CBS

Ms Winfrey was left open-mouthed when Meghan and Harry recounted that a family member – not the Queen or Duke of Edinburgh – had raised concerns about how dark their unborn son Archie’s skin tone might be.

There has been much speculation about which member of the royal family they were accusing of racism.

During the interview the couple would not be drawn on who had offended them, and Winfrey later said Harry wanted it known it was not his grandparents.

The Duke of Cambridge spoke out in defence of the monarchy on Friday, saying “we’re very much not a racist family”.

In a Buckingham Palace statement the royal family said it was taking the couple’s allegation “very seriously”.

Prince William denied that the Royal Family are racist


The duke and duchess’ popularity with the public fell to its lowest level according to a YouGov poll in the wake of the interview.


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