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How to Watch Xbox-Bethesda Roundtable Livestream Event


You don’t want to miss out on news of which games are joining Game Pass.


An Xbox event celebrating Bethesda joining the Xbox family of gaming studios will stream today, and gaming fans should not miss it. So how exactly can you watch the event? The “Bethesda Joins Xbox – Roundtable” is scheduled today — Thursday, March 11 — at 1 p.m. ET/10 a.m. PT. Though Xbox has made it clear that there won’t be any new projects revealed, we will likely find out about the new Bethesda games joining Xbox Game Pass.

Arguably the biggest gaming news of last year (and probably of the past few years), was Microsoft pulling a Disney and acquiring ZeniMax Media, the parent company of its better-known video game developer/publisher Bethesda Softworks. This means that franchises like The Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Wolfenstein, DOOM, DisHonored and more will fall under the Xbox umbrella. Though we still don’t know how the acquisition will affect future games, Head of Xbox Phil Spencer promised in a statement that “we are bringing additional Bethesda games into Xbox Game Pass later this week” and it’s likely that we’ll find out which games during the broadcast.

Elder Scrolls Gates of Oblivion
Image via Bethesda/Zenimax

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What games could we see? Well, judging by what’s already there, like Skyrim Special Edition, Doom Eternal and Fallout: New Vegas, it’s easy to assume and hope that Fallout 4 might join soon. And at least I wouldn’t be mad if the DisHonored franchise is added because more people need to play that game — which even has sea shanties as part of its soundtrack!

Though we don’t know the details of how future games will be affected by the acquisition, Spencer confirmed that “some” future Bethesda games will be exclusive to the Xbox and PC: “With the addition of the Bethesda creative teams, gamers should know that Xbox consoles, PC, and Game Pass will be the best place to experience new Bethesda games, including some new titles in the future that will be exclusive to Xbox and PC players.”

Be sure to tune in to the Xbox-Bethesda roundtable livestream event below at 1 p.m. ET/10 a.m. PT.

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