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Just Die Already Game Release Date, Trailer Revealed by Goat Simulator Creator


White hair, wrinkles and a taste for destruction!


Just Die Already will let players live the dream of controlling elderly people doing incredibly dangerous tasks while they wander a sandbox world filled with danger, and the good news is the game is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch as well as PC, per a press release from Curve Digital and DoubleMoose. The title comes from designer Armin Ibrisagic, creator of the equally-strange Goat Simulator, and from the looks of the new trailer from publisher Curve Digital, Just Die Already will bring back the wacky physics and insane humor of the previous title.

The setting of Just Die Already is exactly what we could expect from Ibrisagic. In a future where population growth has stalled to zero, there’s not enough money for social security to cover the costs of living for retired people. This means the elderly need to perform life-endangering tasks just to be able to get care, allowing excuses for all sorts of hilarious missions filled with explosions, fire and dismemberment.

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The game — already being called Grand Dad Auto VI by fans on YouTube — will offer both a single-player experience, as well as a competitive mode where players need to race against each other to accomplish tasks, all while keeping their elderly character alive. With so many weapons and hazards available in the sandbox world, this is bound to lead to an incredible party-game experience where every player tries to get ahead and just knock off the competition.

Ibrisagic became an iconic game designer after the launch of Goat Simulator, which gave the player the ability to control a goat in a sandbox experience. The bugs and imprecise physics of Goat Simulator soon became a selling point for the game, as it increased the unpredictability of the experience. By the looks of the first trailer, these are elements that will also be central to Just Die Already, since body parts are flopping around in a chaotically familiar way, while streamers who have already tried the game are already figuring out new and creative methods to destroy the world around them.

Almost everyone will be able to join the carnage in Just Die Already, as the game will be launching on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, as well as PC on both Steam and Epic Games Store. We still don’t have an exact release date yet, but Curve Digital has promised to share more news on that in the weeks ahead. You can check out the Just Die Already trailer below:

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