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Kanye West ‘the richest black man in history due to £4.7bn fortune’


Kanye West is the richest black man in US history, according to reports, with his net worth now estimated to have reached $6.6bn (£4.7bn).

Just three years ago, the music star – who also owns a fashion empire – claimed he was $53m (£38m) in debt.

But West became a certified billionaire last year – thanks in part to his brand Yeezy and a multi-year contract with retailer Gap. The ten-year contract was signed in June 2020. Forbes estimated his net worth at $1.3 billion in April 2020.

According to Bloomberg, Yeezy and its affiliated partnerships is now valued at between $3.2bn (£2.2bn) and $4.7bn (£3.4bn) it its own right.

The new Yeezy Gap line is thought to be worth more than $970m (£694m). It will be released this summer.

West is the only owner of Yeezy – so most of his net worth comes from the brand and not from his record deals or music.

Some of his fortune comes from additional assets which would include his stake in his soon-to-be ex-wife Kim Kardashian’s Skims label.

Kardashian, who has been married to West for seven years and has four children with him, was also certified a billionaire last summer.


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