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Kate Garraway says she has grieved for her husband in Finding Derek


Draper, 53, a former lobbyist, was hospitalised with the illness a year ago.

While he no longer has Covid-19, he is suffering from kidney, heart, and liver failure and damage to his pancreas.

Draper was seen emotionally speaking to his wife after he came out of a coma

Garraway – who shares two children Darcey, 15, and William, 11, with Draper – filmed her husband’s journey.

The footage was broadcast last night as part of the powerful documentary Kate Garraway: Finding Derek.

During the hour-long film, broadcast on ITV last night, Garraway said she had “grieved” for her husband and the life they had together before.

“There’s been times where I’ve thought: ‘Am I actually grieving for the person I’m married to or am I fighting to hold onto that person?’”

The broadcaster opened up about her fears for the couple’s future

/ Good Morning Britain

In footage filmed in November 2020, Kate was asked if she had considered whether her husband might “not [be] her Derek” once he is out of hospital.

To which the presenter admitted: “Well, he is still Derek, he is still him… he is still that person that you love, but he will behave differently and will be physically different.

“Will I be okay? I wont be delighted because I wouldn’t wish that on him, very tough on us both, but he is for better or worse…”


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