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London Covid cases borough by borough revealed as UK figures show surge in positive lateral flow tests


More than 3,700 people tested positive for Covid-19 using rapid flow devices in just two days as their use becomes increasingly common in the home and for work, official figures reveal today.

The number of such positive test jumped on Sunday to 2,249, from 721 on Saturday and 943 the previous day.

On Monday, the figure was 1,478 and the numbers for the most recent days could rise further.

It may be picking up more cases among family members who are also being offered use of the rapid flow devices to check whether they have the virus.

More than 9,000 firms have also signed up to offer the lateral flow tests to their employees to identify cases in factories, offices and other work venues, with at least a further 39,000 businesses having expressed an interest in using the quick result devices.

For secondary school pupils, the first three tests for the return to class on March 8 were supposed to have been done on site at schools and colleges under supervision, giving results from the lateral flow tests in around 30 minutes.

After that, pupils should have been given lateral flow device testing kits by their school or college to take home.

All secondary school pupils and college students, as well as staff, should be doing two tests a week as part of the huge programme to pick up asymptomatic cases of the virus.

Members of a household, childcare or support bubble of a pupil, student or staff of a school or college can also get a twice-weekly test.

This can be done through the individual’s employer in some cases, at a local asymptomatic test site, by collecting a home test kit from a test site, or by ordering a home test kit online.

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