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Londoner’s Diary: Being a gossip girl is in my make-up, says Lawrence Chaney


First up in today’s Londoner’s Diary we hear about Lawrence Chaney’s post-Drag Race plans and how Susan Boyle is involved. Later today we learn that Julian Clary’s is publishing a memoir of his life with dogs: ‘An autobi-dog-raphy’… We also hear about Sanjeev Bhaskar’s proudest linguistic achievement. And in our SW1A Jacob Rees-Mogg says he can’t wait for Parliament to be full again as he says since MPs have been working remotely the quality of speeches has declined dramatically.

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Lawrence Chaney

/ BBC/World of Wonder/Guy Levy

Lawrence Chaney has big plans after winning Drag Race — and they involve singer Susan Boyle. Chaney wants to host a talk show, which she says “would be suited really well to my serious aspects of speaking” but adds “when we really want to get into the gossip, we can get into the gossip”.

After winning the second season of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK — to the surprise of many who thought Bimini Bom Boulash would triumph — Chaney will get the chance to host an online web series with US TV company World of Wonder. The show would be “like a dream come true”, she tells Vulture, before listing her ideal guests — RuPaul, singer Lulu, Susan Boyle and actor Melissa McCarthy. “She is what I want to be when I grow up,” Chaney says. Graham Norton watch out.



After Tory MP James Wild demanded the BBC feature the Union Jack in its annual report, Jess Phillips tweets: “In a pub in Brooklyn some Americans… asked us excitedly about Hyacinth Bucket and Dr Who… I feel confident no one in any pub anywhere will ever ask me about James Wild.”

Jacob Rees-Mogg can’t wait for Parliament to be full again. “Hybrid proceedings are better than nothing, but they are pretty second rate,” he tells his Conservative Home podcast. He adds: “The quality of speeches has declined dramatically… they are a series of monologues.” Shouting into the void.


Tiana Major9

/ Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP

SINGER TianaMajor9 says for black musicians focused on R&B, soul or jazz it can be tough finding fans in Britain. She sees the UK as her home, but is aware of the “limitations”.“ If you’re a black woman, they[audiences] aren’t really looking for you…” she tells Complex magazine. “You have to be patient and allow people to find you.” A waiting game.


Actor’s linguistic feat is just pants

Sanjeev Bhaskar

/ Dave Benett

Sanjeev Bhaskar is a man of many talents, as fans of his character in ITV’s Unforgotten will attest. But his proudest achievement is linguistic, not theatrical. In sketch show Goodness Gracious Me, Bhaskar wrote “a catchphrase which was ‘kiss my chuddies’ [which is] the Hindi word for underpants and that ended up going into the Oxford English Dictionary,” he tells the Positivity Podcast. “In many ways I’ve contributed a word to the English language… how many people can say that?”


The tails are in the telling for Clary

Julian Clary

/ Getty Images

Comedian Julian Clary is publishing a memoir of his life with dogs and he’s got the pun for it: “The Lick of Love is, if you will, an autobi-dog-raphy, and tells… how my canine companions have guided me and helped me through a fun and frisky life,” Clary tells The Bookseller. Publisher Quercus says they include Valerie, “the Germaine Greer to his Bernard Manning”, and “Albert, a jaunty geezer type who was sent to acclimatise Julian to middle age and helped him seduce his now husband”. A dogged life.


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