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Londoner’s Diary: ‘Far-Right link’ of Julie Burchill’s new publisher


Julie Burchill has found a new publisher for her book Welcome to the Woke Trials after being dropped by Little, Brown last December – the only problem is that the director of the publishing house has now been accused of having far right links.

Tabatha Stirling, the director of Stirling Publishing, was “outed” by a group called the Glasgow Anti-Fascist Alliance in December as “Miss Britannia,” an author who wrote articles for the website of far-right group the Patriotic Alternative.

The Patriotic Alternative is led by former BNP leader Mark Collett. Miss Britannia posted a series of articles on the Patriotic Alternative’s website last year. One, on the Scottish education system, said Miss Britannia’s son was at a school that was “a hellhole for sensible, secure White boys” and claimed “there is one member of staff who is openly gay, and I mean RuPaul extra gay”.

In an audio clip, posted to YouTube, Miss Britannia is heard defending herself from allegations about her “integrity” and “loyalty”. She defends tweets she wrote saying “I did those tweets about Jews and Israel yes I did because when you’re very anti Islam and you haven’t thought about the JQ [Jewish Question] and it hasn’t been in your periphery [sic] vision… it’s kind of the way you’re lead”.

Later in the clip she appears to defend herself from suggestions she is Jewish, saying “I broke my nose ok and it is a bit big. It’s actually the Duke of Wellington nose. If you need me to, I will do it once only, I can put up my ancestry document with 100% European if that would make you feel better. Being called a liberal Jew’s hilarious, I mean, that’s very funny.”

Towards the end, the speaker admits “I do have a publishing company and I published The Colour of Madness”.

Stirling Publishing published The Colour of Madness, a book about BAME mental health, in September 2018. Its authors Rianna Walcott and Samara Linton yesterday tweeted distancing themselves from Stirling Publishing and Stirling herself.

Walcott told us yesterday “we’re both absolutely mortified and really stressed.

“We’ve heard so much about the positive impacts and now it’s just awful to thinkthat’s been marred in any way… We did not see it coming.”

When approached for comment Tabatha Stirling said “this a complex situation and not at all as straightforward as some are suggesting.”

Two days ago on March 14, Burchill posted on her Facebook page about her new publisher: “I’ve found someone who’s JUST LIKE ME – not only can I work with her, but have a lot of fun with her, and we know how much I like THAT.”

There is no suggestion that Burchill knew about Stirling’s alleged relationship to the Patriotic Alliance. Burchill declined to comment.

This morning Burchill tweeted a public statement to journalist Ash Sarkar, apologising for “defamatory statements” made last December at the time when Little, Brown dropped Welcome to the Woke Trials. Burchill added “I have agreed to pay substantial damages to Ash Sarkar and her legal costs.”


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