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Male off-duty officer convicted of drunkenly assaulting woman resigns from West Midlands Police


The 25-year-old officer had been suspended from West Midlands Police and he will still face a misconduct hearing in due course, police said.

Ms Homer hit out at Warwickshire Police’s initial handling of her complaint after she was attacked by a “drunk” Mr Banfield while walking home in Bidford-on-Avon, Warwickshire.

During the sentencing hearing at Leicester Magistrates’ Court, CCTV footage showed Mr Banfield shouting at Ms Homer.

The footage showed him grabbing her and forcing her to the floor during the assault.

Mr Banfield admitted the offence at an earlier hearing in January, and on Friday he was handed a curfew and ordered to pay compensation and costs at Leicester Magistrates’ Court.

Deputy Chief Constable Vanessa Jardine, of West Midlands Police, said: “Today I have accepted the resignation of Pc Oliver Banfield.

“I want to stress that former Pc Banfield will still face an accelerated misconduct hearing, chaired by the Chief Constable, in the near future.

“The misconduct process had had to wait until after criminal and court processes concluded, because of police regulations.I will make the outcome of that hearing public as soon as I can.

“I recognise the distress Emma Homer, who was assaulted and verbally abused by Banfield, has suffered during this time.

“We have spoken to her today to update her on the resignation of former Pc Banfield and will continue to keep her updated.”

Ms Homer said that despite reporting the assault within hours of it happening, it took “more than 30 hours for an officer to take a telephone statement”, “nine days for an officer to come and see her” and “eight weeks for an officer to conduct house-to-house enquiries”.

In a victim impact statement issued through a relative, Ms Homer said the effects of the assault had left her with “anxiety, insomnia and stress” which had been “compounded by the slow response from Warwickshire Police”.

Describing the assault, Ms Homer said: “I often ask myself if the impact of the attack would have been so severe if my assailant was not a police officer.

“During the assault as I struggled to get to safety, I was sure this drunk man was fulfilling a violent cop movie fantasy.

“To be verbally abused with misogynistic slang, grabbed by the neck, and forced to the floor on a dark road by a drunk man a foot taller than me is terrifying, but to then find that he was a police officer shook my belief system to its core.”

She said: “I considered myself a confident, relaxed, and independent wife and mother but since the attack I live with constant anxiety.

“I have changed simple things like my route home, and I have had to ask my family not to discuss the case as it sends me into a panic attack – indeed whenever the subject is brought up I feel a rush of anxiety and a tightening at my throat.”

Additional reporting by PA Media.


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