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Misan Harriman teams up with charity to support key workers


It should come as no surprise that intensive care unit staff across the country are overstretched and under extreme pressure, having been at the frontline of the fight against Covid-19 for a year now. Cases seem to be dropping and the vaccine rollout has exceeded expectations but despite this, recent studies of ICU staff wellbeing reported that 45% met the threshold for significant psychological harm.

When you consider both the trauma of having seen so much death, as well as reports that the 30,000 strong baseline network of ICU staff has worked more than one million extra hours per month to care for coronavirus patients, it is clear to see why one in two intensive care staff would benefit from psychological intervention.

Intensive Care Society

Sarah, an NHS doctor on the frontline says, “The teamwork and spirit of cooperation in hospitals and between hospitals has been amazing, but the workload and pressure has been massive. That pressure is beginning to tell on many who work in intensive care where burnout and fatigue was already a problem.”

For the past year the Intensive Care Society has been raising funds to provide tailored mental health support to the intensive care community, to help staff come to terms with what they’ve faced over the past 12 months.

Intensive Care Society

Intensive care will always be the safety net of the NHS, and now you can help provide essential care to those who have so tirelessly cared for us.


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