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Monday Trailer Teases Sebastian Stan, Denise Gough Romantic Drama


Sebastian Stan and Denise Gough star in this alluring romantic drama.


IFC Films has released the trailer for Monday, an alluring new romantic drama starring Sebastian Stan and Denise Gough (Robin Hood, ’71). The trailer arrives just as the buzz around Stan is heightening once more. In addition to Monday, the actor will co-star in the next Marvel Disney+ series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, making this a very interesting moment in the actor’s career where his new work is concerned. But, unlike Bucky Barnes, the character Stan plays here — a charming rogue named Mickey — is nothing like the MCU character which means fans will be able to enjoy a whole new side of the actor when Monday arrives in theaters and on-demand in mid-April.

The trailer for Monday starts with the promise of a very sexy romance as two thirty-something Americans, Mickey (Stan) and Chloe (Gough), are found naked and spooning on a Grecian beach by local authorities. This very unusual morning after what was no doubt a night of fun leads to an exciting romance between Mickey and Chloe. As the couple spends more time together following Chloe’s decision not to return to the United States, they quickly become entwined for better and for worse. The Monday trailer leaves us guessing as to whether Mickey and Chloe will be able to make it long term — or if their romance is destined to flame out. Monday looks like exactly the kind of romantic, intense, dreamy kind of movie you’ll want to get lost in as you, too, start dreaming of finding love during some impossibly perfect European getaway.

Sebastian Stan, Denise Gough kissing in IFC Films Monday
Image via IFC Films

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In addition to Stan and Gough, Monday stars Dominique Tipper (The Expanse), Yorgos Pirpassopoulos (Chevalier) and Elli Tringou (Suntan). Monday is directed by Argyris Papadimitropoulos (Suntan), and is co-written by Papadimitropoulos and Rob Hayes. The producers on Monday include Papadimitropoulos, Christos V. Konstantakopoulos, Deanna Barillari and Brian Kavanaugh Jones & Damian Jones. Fred Berger and Fenia Cossovitsa serve as executive producers.

Monday  opens in select theaters, on digital and video on-demand on April 16. Check out the energetic trailer below.

Here’s the official synopsis for Monday:

Mickey (Sebastian Stan) and Chloe (Denise Gough), two Americans in their mid-thirties living in Athens, meet in the heat of summer one whirlwind weekend. The chemistry between them is undeniable. When Chloe’s time in Greece is drawing to a close, she decides to give up her high-flying job back home and explore whether one weekend’s passion can blossom into something more. Argyris Papadimitropoulos’ follow up of the festival sensation ‘Suntan‘ is a fun, sensuous romance about how love gets in the way of life, and life gets in the way of love.

Monday poster with Sebastian Stan, Denise Gough

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