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National Trust urges Britons to celebrate blossom season every year


The National Trust is urging Britons to emulate Japan’s Hanami celebration – the ancient tradition of viewing blossom – every year.

In 2020, the charity piloted a Blossom Watch project just after the UK had entered a coronavirus lockdown, with thousands of people sharing images of trees in bloom on social media.

It is now making the campaign an annual tradition and hopes that the sight of blooms will help to lift spirits and enable people to celebrate nature.

A YouGov poll, commissioned by the National Trust, found 36% of adults said they were more aware of the changing seasons compared to the first lockdown.

Blossom Watch campaign / PA Wire

Of those surveyed, 67% agreed or strongly agreed that spending time noticing nature made them feel happier in the current lockdown.

A total of 65% said watching nature from their window had helped their mood, while 47% told how they are spending more time in nature and want to continue to do so.

Simon Toomer, plant conservation specialist at the National Trust, said: “Blossom watching is a simple pleasure that can help lift our spirits over the next few months.

“It can be seen on city streets, in gardens, public parks, throughout the countryside and even out of the window, for some lucky people.

“Our recent poll revealed a massive boost in people’s everyday connection with nature since lockdowns began.

“And that blossom is the aspect of nature adults are most likely to stop and notice, after the sight of a sunset, the feeling of sun on your face and birdsong.”

Blossom Watch campaign / PA Wire


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