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Nicola Sturgeon expected to relax lockdown curbs on retail and hospitality in Scotland


Her statement is expected to include details on measures for the retail and hospitality industries.

Speaking on Monday, she said: “I will seek to set out some details of what changes we hope to be able to make in early April – hopefully around April 5 – and then what further easing we might expect to see in late April, and then mid-May, and in much less detail beyond that.

“We cannot provide certainty on everything at this stage, particularly the further into the future we try to look, but we will try to provide as much clarity now as possible.

She added the statement will “hopefully help you understand when you can expect to see some of the key early milestones in our route back to normality”.

Details are expected for the re-opening of shopping, outdoor and subsequently indoor hospitality, and further relaxations to the rules about meeting up with other households.

Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross has called for the “full plan” to be published.

He said at his conference speech: “We expect a roadmap that tells everyone to get ready – because we’re getting our normal lives back.

“The Scottish people expect to be treated as adults, and honestly told – here’s what to expect. They know that dates aren’t chiselled in stone.”


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