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‘Not much justice’ for public figures investigated in bungled VIP abuse probe


Public figures caught up in a disastrous investigation into false claims of a VIP paedophile ring have still not received justice, one of their widows has said.

The doomed 16-month investigation, sparked by false accounts given by fantasist Carl Beech, saw raids on the homes of former home secretary Lord Brittan, as well as D-Day veteran Lord Bramall and ex-Tory MP Harvey Proctor

Operation Midland

Operation Midland ended in 2016 without a single arrest, after Beech made a series of lurid claims, all later proved to be untrue, including three murders.

Lady Brittan told the Home Affairs Select Committee on Wednesday: “I perfectly accept that the (Met Police) Commissioner came and offered me a very fulsome apology.

“But in the end there are issues at the back of all of this as far as the moral compass of the police is concerned which I think have not been addressed.”

She added: “I just feel that all these years on, and particularly for the family of Lord Bramall, because after all he has died, there hasn’t been much justice.”

The Metropolitan Police was heavily criticised for having believed Beech too readily despite inconsistencies in his evidence including naming witnesses that did not exist.

Carl Beech, who is serving 18 years in prison for the false abuse claims that sparked Operation Midland / PA Media

Lady Brittan told the committee: “I find it quite extraordinary when you look at the unfolding of the events, in a funny way that anybody could have believed any of it at the very beginning.

“If you look at those who were accused, the fact that they were busy people at the top of their tree, and yet they were accused of finding time to have two hours off every afternoon doing what they shouldn’t be doing.


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