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One-in-five over 80s fully vaccinated against Covid, data shows


One in five people in England aged 80 and over are likely to be fully vaccinated against coronavirus, according to new figures.

New data from NHS England published on Thursday, shows an estimated 20.3% of people in this age group had received both jabs as of March 14.

Some 1.6% of people aged 75 to 79 in England are estimated to have had both doses, along with 0.8% of people aged 70 to 74.

The data also suggests that an estimated 84.6% of people aged 55 and over in England are likely to have had their first dose.

Regional estimates range from 78.6% for London to 87.1% for the Midlands.

The new figures come as all those in England aged 50 to 54 are being formally invited to get their Covid vaccine.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock told a Downing Street press conference on Wednesday that vaccine supply was “always lumpy”, but insisted the nation was on track to meet the target of offering a first dose to all over-50s by April 15.

An estimated 21.8% people aged 16 to 54 in England are likely to have had their first dose of Covid-19 vaccine, the figures show.

HEALTH Coronavirus Vaccine / PA Graphics

The estimates show only small variation between regions, ranging from 18.7% in London to 23.8% in north-west England.

Vaccines have yet to be officially rolled out in England to the general population under 56, but a growing minority of people in this age group are likely to have been offered a dose due to their job or because they have a particular health condition.

All frontline health and social care workers are eligible to receive the vaccine, together with all individuals aged 16 to 64 with underlying health conditions that put them at higher risk of serious disease and mortality.


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