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PM at odds with Tory supporters over 1% NHS pay cap – exclusive poll


A clear majority of 66 per cent of Tories think it is not generous enough, found Ipsos MORI research for the Standard.

Among the general public the pressure for a higher offer is even higher, with an overwhelming 78 per cent branding it too low and just one per cent saying it was too much.

The findings will fuel pressure on the PM for a U-turn. Sources say the Government is already looking at options including a plan to single out nurses and other staff who served on the frontline of the Covid pandemic for a bigger rise or a one-off bonus.

Strikingly, 52 per cent of people felt the Budget was “good for the country”, even though only 39 per cent felt it was good for them personally. That suggests Britons were ready to accept some bad news for the sake of a national recovery from the Covid crisis.

Mr Sunak’s big hike in Corporation Tax – due to jump from 19 per cent to 25 per cent in 2023 – was backed an overwhelming majority of 69 per cent and opposed by just 15 per cent. Among Tories, 75 per cent backed the increase.

Britons were also supportive of the plan to freeze tax thresholds, a move sometimes described as a stealth tax. The freeze on the threshold for the 40p tax band, which will hit better off people with incomes of over £50,270, was backed by a majority of 53 per cent and opposed by 23.

But the freeze on the starting threshold of the basic rate, affecting people on over £12,750, was backed by 47 per cent and opposed by 33 per cent. This was unpopular among younger people aged 18 to 34, who are more likely to be on lower wages, where only 35 per cent were in favour and 39 per cent were opposed.

A majority of 54 per cent thought the Government had spent “about the right amount” on supporting ordinary people in the pandemic, though 29 per cent thought it was too little.


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