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Relic Director, Producer John Krasinski Team for New Psychological Thriller


James has previously said she’s working on several ideas for horror films that are very personal to her.


The director of 2020’s stunning film Relic, Natalie Erika James, is teaming up with producer John Krasinski to tackle a new big project called Apartment 7A for Paramount Players. According to Deadline, the film’s plot is still in the works, though it falls under the genre of a psychological thriller. James will be co-writing the feature. If it is anything like the director’s absolute knockout of a directorial debut, then it is something that is worth paying attention to for her talent alone.

What set Relic apart was the distinctive vision and how incredibly personal the film felt. James had previously told Collider on The Witching Hour with Haleigh and Perri about what making a film like this takes as well as what she hopes to do in her future projects.

“I’m writing a few things and they’re all subgenres of horror and they’re all very personal. [Laughs] I don’t know how else to write a film because I just feel like you spend, you know, minimum of two years of your life working on something; you have to care about it that much, surely. So yeah, all three of them are – and they don’t have to be personal experiences. It’s more like personal questions or personal fears, and for me, filmmaking is a great way to just ask those big philosophical questions in your life.”

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Relic was certainly a film that asked those big questions and wasn’t afraid to examine the dark, depressing realities of seeing someone you love be impacted by dementia. That was what gave it such a swirling of interest from its first premiere in the Sundance Midnight section to a release that got it on Collider’s list of the best horror movies of 2020.

When it comes to Krasinksi, let’s just say he has a lot of time on his hands to begin producing other projects. A Quiet Place 2 was supposed to come out more than a year ago and has since been delayed multiple times due to the pandemic. It now has a tentative release date of Memorial Day Weekend, though that is also still subject to change.

While it’s unclear when Apartment 7A will come out, or even what this film will be about, the combination of James and Krasinski certainly makes this upcoming thriller one of the most exciting new projects in recent memory.

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