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Russell Wilson’s options evaporate (unless he has others)



Cowboys? Nope. Saints? Nope. Bears? Nope.

Of the four potential destinations identified by Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson‘s agent nearly three weeks ago, only one remains potentially viable: the Raiders. The other three teams are by all appearances out.

So it’s the Raiders or no one — unless there are other teams for which Wilson would play, and unless those teams have the capital to get Seattle to say something other than, “Go away.”

It would have to be a team that, presumably, can deliver the kind of draft capital that would allow the Seahawks to land a quarterback, if the Seahawks view one of more of the top prospects as viable options.

Under Pete Carroll and John Schneider, the Seahawks have drafted two quarterbacks: Wilson and Alex McGough. The franchise hasn’t used a first-round pick on a quarterback since Rick Mirer in 1993, two years after using a first-round pick on quarterback Dan McGwire. Those are the only two first-round quarterbacks in franchise history.

If, as seems likely, Wilson stays, that won’t automatically solve the issues between player and team. Wilson wants the offense to run through him. Unless the Seahawks decide to give Wilson what he wants, it could be a potentially awkward and dysfunctional season for Seattle.

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