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Rust PS4, Xbox Gameplay Revealed in New Footage


And it runs surprisingly well!


Shortly after announcing that Rust would be coming to consoles, developer Double Eleven has released extended gameplay footage showing how the game plays on the PlayStation 4 Pro and the Xbox One X. The gameplay footage for the PlayStation 4 clocks in at 17 minutes, while the Xbox One footage is quite shorter at just under 7 minutes. The gameplay demo showcases the endless possibilities Rust offers, depicting a big raid, different gunfights, and the many ways you can die as soon as you encounter other people.

Given how Rust was originally meant to be played with a keyboard and mouse, it’s quite impressive to see Double Eleven make a seamless jump to controllers. Load times after dying aren’t that great, but there doesn’t seem to be any significant frame dropping in the video. It will be interesting to see how the actual game handles a higher number of players than what’s shown in the demo.

Image via Double Eleven

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Before you make fun of how often the player died, Double Eleven wants to make sure you know that it was absolutely intentional. Double Eleven notes: “We wanted to be sure you would be able to see a good variety of different weapons and armour sets being used and how they behave in Rust Console Edition.”

This version of Rust doesn’t have an exact release date just yet, but Double Eleven confirmed it’s coming in in Spring 2020. Though an Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 version hasn’t been officially confirmed, we can expect it to be backwards-compatible. In the meantime, you can always head out into the wasteland and survive on your own on PC.

Check out the new gameplay footage below:

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