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Ruth Davidson urges Scots to vote Tory to deny SNP a majority for Indyref2


The Scottish Tories could deny the SNP a majority at Holyrood Ruth Davidson has insisted as she hit out at the “increasing stench of sleaze and scandal” she claimed was coming from Nicola Sturgeon’s party.

Ms Davidson insisted that the SNP winning an overall majority’s in May’s Scottish Parliament election was no longer the “‘nailed-on’ near-certainty” that polls had once predicted.

But to stop Ms Sturgeon’s party winning that majority – and then using it to push for a second Scottish independence referendum – the Tory Holyrood leader urged all Scots opposed to breaking up the UK to back her party in the regional section of the vote, even if they had never voted Conservative before.

Speaking as she addressed the party’s  Scottish spring conference, Ms Davidson insisted it was only the Tories who could stop the SNP from winning more than half the seats in the Scottish Parliament.

Ms Davidson, who is leaving Holyrood to take up a seat in the House of Lords, told the public: “Casting your ‘party’ vote for the Scottish Conservatives, even if you never have before, and even if it’s just this once, is the only way to stop that SNP majority.

“No other vote can be sure of preventing an SNP majority and the independence referendum they want to hold.”

She told the conference: “Labour are in third place across Scotland and they’ve said they won’t work with other parties to block the SNP.

“The Lib Dems are in fourth place and can’t effectively challenge the Nationalists.

“The Greens have backed the SNP throughout this parliament, and will do it all over again if they’re given the chance.”

While Ms Davidson accepted that “barring a complete implosion” the SNP would emerge from May’s election as the largest party, she was clear that a “majority Nationalist government can be prevented”.

The Tory stressed this was “vital” because it was “the only way to be certain that Scotland isn’t dragged back into another independence referendum when we all need to be focusing on building a recovery from the pandemic”.


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