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Series Finale Will Feature America Ferrera’s Amy


The final episode of the NBC series airs March 25.


The final episode of NBC’s hit comedy series Superstore will bring back actress America Ferrera as Amy. The return of Amy, announced by Variety, is unexpected but welcomed news for fans of Superstore, who had to deal with Ferrera’s departure at the beginning of the sixth (and now final) season of the show. Details are still unclear about how exactly Ferrera’s character will be brought back into the events of Season 6, making this news all the more attention-grabbing.

Soon after Ferrera announced she was leaving the series to pursue other projects and spend more time with her family, NBC revealed that the sixth season would be the final one produced for the show. Ferrera’s departure initially came as a shock, given that the actress was not only part of the main cast since the first episode, but also worked as a producer for most of the show’s run and even directed four episodes of Superstore during that time.

Nichole Sakura, America Ferrera in Superstore
Image via NBC

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Superstore follows a group of low-income employees dealing with the problems of working in a fictional big chain store not unlike Costco. Never afraid of finding the comedy in real-world problems like immigration and exploitation of the work-force, the last season of the sitcom even focused on essential workers’ situations amidst the coronavirus crisis. It’s not hard to understand how Superstore became relevant to so many people, and why the series will be missed after its finale.

The last episode of the show is an hourlong special, two times the size of the series’ regular episodes, and this farewell will be even more bittersweet with Ferrera’s return. The series finale will air on March 25, but the legacy of the sitcom promises to live on, since a Spanish-based version of Superstore is already in development.

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