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Snatch 4K Blu-ray Release Date, Details Revealed


Have I made myself clear, boys?


More than 20 years after hitting theaters, Snatch will be available for the first time in all the glory of 4K Ultra HD. This is a version of Snatch restored from the original negatives of the film for the best image quality possible, and the 4K disc will also allow the viewer to choose between the original sound of the theatrical release or all-new Dolby Atmos tracks for high sound quality. This is as close as we can get to a movie theater experience, and a special treatment to one of Guy Ritchie’s best movies was long overdue.

Besides a better image and sound quality, the new release will also include a Blu-ray disc with tons of extras. The bonus content includes:

  • Commentary from director Guy Ritchie and producer Matthew Vaughn
  • Deleted scenes with optional commentary
  • The making-of featurette “Making Snatch”
  • Storyboard comparisons between the production phase of the project and the final release
  • A video and photo gallery
Image via Warner Bros.

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Snatch was originally released in 2000 to incredible success, both in terms of box office as well as its eventual status as a cult classic. The movie follows a diamond heist gone wrong and a set of unique characters which includes Brad Pitt in one of his best performances as the Irish boxer “One Punch” Mickey O’Neil. If that’s not enough reason to watch (and rewatch) the movie, Snatch is filled with other giants of the industry, all of them living characters with even funnier nicknames. The cast also includes Benicio Del Toro (Franky Four-Fingers), Dennis Farina (Abraham “Cousin Avi” Denovitz), Vinnie Jones (Bullet Tooth Tony), Rade Sherbedgia (Boris “The Blade” Yurinov) and Jason Statham (Turkish).

Richie, meanwhile, is responsible for other cult classics, such as Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and RocknRolla, but more recently got the world’s attention for writing and directing the Disney live-action adaptation of Aladdin. Richie’s next project, the action-thriller Wrath of Man, which is set for an April 23 release, will star Statham and be a lot closer to Richie’s more classic movies.

The 4K release of Snatch will be available on June 1.

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