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Steven Soderbergh’s Fun Headshots, Explained


We HAVE to talk about these.


Steven Soderbergh is stepping up the headshot game with his recent pictures for press and now we finally have some information into why they’re so good. The Hollywood Reporter shared a look behind the pictures, which includes a Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band-inspired look, and… can all press headshots be this fun?

The conversation started during the announcement for Soderbergh’s film KIMI, for which he’s teaming up with Zoë Kravitz for HBO Max. The news came with a dramatic black-and-white picture of the pair, which included Soderbergh in a long-haired wig with a middle part. When it was announced in December that Soderbergh would produce the Oscars, the second picture appeared, a colorful ode to the famed Beatles album. The question now is: Why? And also, can everyone start doing this?

Image via Bleecker Street

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Producer Franklin Leonard shared the looks side-by-side on Twitter, stating, “The time has come to discuss the glory of Steven Soderbergh’s recent press pics,” and followed up the tweet by saying “I gotta step up my headshot game.” And honestly, yes. Can every headshot from now on have this level of silliness around it?

The colorful look was taken by Doron Gild, a photographer who shot Soderbergh at his studio over three years ago. Since the image was taken, Soderbergh has used the photo at festivals and for awards, as well as for his on-set ID. Talking about the session, Gild recalled, ”It was just fun. That whole day is seared into my brain as one of the strangest days in my studio because I usually come up with these dark or storytelling ideas, and it’s a whole production. This worked out in such a sweet way because he was game to do whatever.”

Soderbergh has quite a few projects coming up that he can use these iconic photos to promote. From his recent movie Let Them All Talk to the upcoming KIMI and his latest heist project, No Sudden Move, Soderbergh has a lot more than great headshots to send our way.

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