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Stolen dog found in south east London 65 miles away from home


A pug that was stolen by a masked man has been returned to its owners after being found 65 miles from home.

On February 24, 72-year-old Ann Cowlard was walking her dog, Dora near her home in Lydd, Kent.

A man approached her and the dog under the guise of making conversation.

The man, who was wearing a face mask, said “oh what a lovely dog” before unhooking the lead and running off with Dora.

Ms Cowlard attempted to chase after him but said she could not keep up due to a lung condition.

Then on Sunday, a member of the public reported to Bexleyheath Police station with a dog she had found roaming alone in a local park.

Officers from the station took the dog to a local vet to be checked over and scanned for any details.

The scans confirmed that the dog was Dora and officers contacted the owner the next day and were able to return the pug.

Sadly, the owner has now shared with the police that her other dog, is now reported to be missing in the Kent area.

Nottinghamshire Police said the new role focused on canine crime will be introduced following concern about growing cases of dog theft across the country.

Nottinghamshire’s deputy police and crime commissioner Emma Foody said: “There is growing alarm – both locally and nationally – over the threat of dog theft.

“This has been fuelled by a number of distressing incidents which have eroded public confidence.”

The move comes as demand for puppies has developed during lockdown, resulting in a stark increase in the number of dogs stolen by criminals.


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