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Tech & Science Daily| What the discovery of water trapped on Mars means for Nasa’s mission


The discovery that several oceans’ worth of ancient water may reside in minerals buried below the surface of Mars could help the current mission looking to find evidence of life on the red planet.

We speak to planetary geologist at London’s Natural History Museum Dr Joel Davis who says the new study, published in journal Science, fills a gap in knowledge of where water on early Mars disappeared to.

The study suggests the planet lost most of its water over the Noachian period, around 4.1 to 3.7 billion years ago.

Could lightning strikes occurring over a billion years have provided the spark of life for early Earth?

A new study published in Nature Communications, suggests this could be the case. Researchers say these bolts unlocked the phosphorus necessary for the creation of biomolecules that would be the basis of life on the planet. They say the work could help them understand how life may have formed on Earth and how it could be forming on other, Earth-like planets.

Uber drivers in the UK are to get a guaranteed minimum wage, holiday pay and pensions.

Following a Supreme Court ruling, more than 70,000 drivers will be treated as “workers” rather than self -employed contractors for the first time.

Google says it blocked or removed more than three billion adverts for violating its policies in 2020, Scientists have grown miniature human tear glands capable of crying, and why the Australian National University are forcing male honeyeater’s to try and teach them their own tune. Plus, Nintendo’s Animal Crossing is the firm’s fastest selling game ever launched in Europe.

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