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Ten ways the coronavirus pandemic has changed society for good


The coronavirus pandemic has dramatically altered the way people have lived their lives over the past year.

Lockdown has forced people away from pubs, gyms and shops and turned their attentions to online quizzes, zoom calls and Netflix binges.

Office workers stopped commuting and began working from home while students became accustomed to learning away from the classroom.

Some reinvented the way they exercised, while others took the time to become more charitable.

Here’s 10 ways that life has changed for good since lockdown began:

ShoppingCovid-19 has speeded up the gradual decline of the traditional high street in the eyes of many, but some experts suggest it could have a positive effect on local businesses.

Boxing Day sales / PA Wire

Isabelle Szmigin, professor of marketing at the University of Birmingham, said: “I guess apart from the obvious increase in online shopping, the most interesting is the growth in local shopping.

“We may see city high streets suffer and small, local shops and delivery businesses gain somewhat. This may link with a drive for more sustainable consumption, less driving to big shopping centres.

“But remember the queues outside Primark after last lockdown – some people still need their high street shopping fix.”

However, others warn the future is bleaker than ever for stores.

Professor of consumer behaviour Andrew Smith, of Nottingham University, told the PA news agency: “Consumers have been retrained over the last year to shop from home. This change was happening anyway but Covid has induced a step change.

“Some recreational high-end retail venues will likely benefit from the opening up but things will never be the same again.”

WorkMillions of office workers have been working from home for the past year, which could force businesses to rethink how workplaces around the country operate.

Coronavirus – Mon Jan 18, 2021 / PA Wire


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