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The Best Way to Watch Christopher Nolan’s Film?


Now release ‘Tenet’ on Quibi, you cowards.

John David Washington as The Protagonist in Tenet

Christopher Nolan’s time-bending action thriller Tenet was a bit of a confusing mess. Characters appear and disappear without explanation, long stretches of dialogue are frequently drowned out by overpowering music and sound effects, and the film’s core sci-fi premise is such a nonsensical paradox that one character literally tells us not to even bother trying to figure out how it works. On top of all that, the film invited some controversy by stubbornly sticking to a theatrical release last summer, in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, with Nolan himself frequently emphasizing that it needed to be seen on the big screen. Now that Tenet’s release has come and gone, it’s high time we asked ourselves, “But what if we watched it on the smallest screen imaginable?”

As reported by Engadget, YouTube user Bob Wulff crammed the two-and-a-half hour epic onto several Game Boy Advance cartridges. Five cartridges, to be exact, as Wulff claims the most you can get onto each one is about 30 minutes of video before it becomes effectively unwatchable. To be honest, a loud, indecipherable barrage of fantastical action like Tenet seems like it would be right at home on the Game Boy Advance, a handheld system built for tweens in the early aughts.

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All kidding aside, Wulff’s endeavor is impressive. In order to get the film to fit on the Game Boy Advance’s miniature screen, he had to reduce the video to a measly 6 frames per second with a resolution of 192×128. (In the video, he says this is “quite possibly the worst way to view Tenet,” which is objectively true and yet I still respectfully disagree.) Ideally, the next step would be to make Tenet somehow playable as a Game Boy Advance game, which could potentially result in the movie actually holding my attention for longer than five minutes without frustrating the shit out of me. Check out the video below. Tenet is currently available in virtually every format known to humankind, if for some reason you’d rather watch it that way.

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