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The Irregulars Trailer Teases Netflix’s Sherlock Holmes-Inspired Show


Demons and ghouls are coming to Baker Street.

The Irregulars cast

Netflix has released a new trailer and poster for The Irregulars, a new original show that puts a dark twist on the Sherlock Holmes universe. The Irregulars will center on a group of street kids hired by Holmes in the original Sir Arthur Conan Doyle books. However, these Baker Street Irregulars will actually have supernatural powers that allow them to fight evil forces, which is the main reason why they are hired by Dr. Watson (Royce Pierreson).

The trailer delves into more about The Irregulars, which follows a sinister version of Dr. Watson while he recruits five teenagers to solve a series of macabre crimes in London. It is revealed these teens are more than meets the eye, with one member of the team (Thaddea Graham) capable of seeing things regular people cannot. With brutal murders happening that are also somehow connected with the beyond, the trailer reveals a rift has been opened between our dimension and the afterlife, releasing demons and ghosts into the world. Closing the rift will be the main mission of the Baker Street Irregulars, who will also have to deal with the mysterious disappearance of Sherlock Holmes himself (Henry Lloyd-Hughes). Holmes might also be responsible for the rift being open in the first place, as the trailer teases. Graham (Us) will play Bea, the leader of the Irregulars. The rest of the team is comprised of Bea’s younger sister Jessie (Darci Shaw), Billy (Jojo Macari), Spike (McKell David) and Leopold (Harrison Osterfield).

The Irregulars trailer
Image via Netflix

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This is the second official trailer for The Irregulars after a first peek focused on the series’ globe-spanning story. Meanwhile, the official poster embraces the menace of this paranormal rift, putting the young team above an upside-down world filled with strange characters, both groups separated by the logo of the series.

Original takes on already-known fictional universes are always welcomed since they breathe new life to characters loved by the public. Netflix has already taken on Sherlock Holmes in last year’s Enola Holmes, which saw Henry Cavill playing the most famous detective in literature. The Irregulars is bound to catch the attention of fans of both murder-mysteries and supernatural stories. The teen casting also shifts the focus away from the duo Holmes and Watson, bringing in a unique perspective to the setting.

The Irregulars will make its Netflix premiere on March 26. Check out the series trailer and poster below.

netflix the irregulars series poster
Image via Netflix

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