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The Leader Podcast: Life expectancy in Covid-era London worst since Second World War


“Staggering” official figures reveal how Covid-19 has impacted life expectancy in London -now at its worst since the Second World War.

Data from PublicHealth England, analysed by the King’s Fund, shows life expectancy for Londoners has been seriously reduced – not just by a few months or even a year, but men have seen 2.5 years cut from their lives, and women will now live on average for 1.6 fewer years – and this is even worse for disadvantaged Londoners after suffering years of austerity policies.

And a UCL investigation commissioned by Mayor Sadiq Khan and TfL has revealed a spike in deaths among London’s bus drivers, as face masks look set to be the norm on public transport for a while.

The Evening Standard’s Health Editor, Ross Lydall, who has been covering both stories, gives us his insight.

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