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The top 20 share tips from the British investment guru who spotted Tesla, Spotify and Netflix


One of Britain’s most successful tech investors today quit Baillie Gifford’s super-successful Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust after managing it for 20 years.

James Anderson took super-successful bets when he took over the fund after the bursting of the dotcom bubble in 2000.

Apple, Facebook and Tesla are among his biggest wins as he bought in early and with conviction, holding onto the stock year in, year out.

Tom Slater, who has been working with Anderson since 2015 as co-manager of the trust, will take sole control when Anderson leaves next year.

Investors who bought the fund when Anderson took it over have seen a stunning 1500% total return on their money.

Here are its top 20 investments and their 12 month total returns (meaning share price gain and dividends as measured by Bloomberg).

When picking your jaw from the floor at the returns here, don’t forget this is after tech stocks fell from their peaks in recent months:

Illumina: US genetic sequencing company with tech helping track Covid-19 transmission and aiding research into cancer, genetic diseases and reproductive health. 12-month return 84%

Tencent: Chinese tech conglomerate with interests ranging from social media to music, payment systems, smartphones and online gaming, 12-month return 83%

Amazon: You may have heard of this one. 12 month return 61%

ASML: Dutch supplier of tech to help microchipmakers. 12-month return 132%

Tesla: Its most famous bet became so valuable it recently had to sell shares because it was weighing too heavily in the portfolio. 12-month return 655%

Alibaba: Chinese e-commerce platform often called China’s eBay. Has also branched into electronic payment services and cloud computing. 12-month return 32%

Meituan Dianping: Chinese online shopping platform. 12-month return 359%

Moderna: the US vaccines giant nowadays famed for its Covid vaccine.12-month return 405%

NIO: China’s answer to Tesla. 12-month return 1670%

Delivery Hero: Germany-based version of Deliveroo or Just Eat Takeaway. 12-month return 78%

Kering: fashion house owning brands from Gucci and Balenciaga to Britain’s own Alexander McQueen. 12-month return 58%

Spotify: stunningly successful music streaming service competing with iTunes and Tidal. 12-month return 111%

Netflix: global market leading movie streaming service. 12-month return 52%

NVIDIA: maker of super-fast and powerful microchips used in gaming, bitcoin mining and AI. Currently in the process of buying Cambridge-based chip designer Arm. 12-month return 141%

MercadoLibre: Argentinian online auction and e-commerce site operating across Latin America. 12-month return 212%

Pinduoduo: “group-buying” food e-commerce platform in China connecting farmers and producers with consumers. 12-month return 318%

ByteDance: Chinese owner of TikTok, based in Beijing and controlled by billionaire Zhang Yiming. Pre-IPO

Denali Therapeutics: Nasdaq-listed biotech company specialising in neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. 12-month return 242%

Zalando: Online fashion group. 12-month return 178%

Ferrari: the world’s most famous sports car maker. 12-month return 26%


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