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True Colors Trailer Teases Release Date


The ‘Life Is Strange’ franchise continues.


At long last, there is a new game in the Life Is Strange series as announced at today’s digital Square Enix Presents event. Life Is Strange: True Colors will release in its entirety later this year, on September 10. Additionally, we learned today that this is the first time that a game in the Life Is Strange series hasn’t been released in chapters and can be played all at once for those who want to.

Life Is Strange: True Colors is a game is set in Haven Springs with new character Alex, who travels to the community for a fresh start. She then must heal from the sudden loss of her brother Gabe, who she hadn’t seen for eight years and was just getting the chance to reconnect with. Alex must figure out what happened in the suspicious accident that caused his death. The definitive mystery-solving aspects seen throughout the previous games will still hold a central part of the new game as well.

The new power that will be introduced is that Alex can read people’s emotions and understand why they are feeling that way. The downside? Those emotions can overwhelm her and cause her to lose control. It is the first time that a power in the games is hinted at as also being a curse. When it comes to the game, it appears that the world is much more open with more to explore than ever before in the town. Said town appears to have more to hide and it will be up to Alex to piece it all together.

Alex in Life is Strange: True Colors
Image via Square Enix

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The first Life Is Strange game was released in five episodes way back in 2015. It was a well-written, compelling story about two friends, Max and Chloe, living in the fictional small town of Arcadia Bay. Max discovers she has the power to manipulate time and must use this power to solve the disappearance of another girl, Rachel, while also preserving the continuity of a timeline that is beginning to unravel. It was a game primarily about how the choices you make impact the outcomes, and each decision was given genuine weight throughout each episode. The final decision is still one that packed a punch, especially when complemented by a compelling score. It also was recently announced that the game would be getting a remastered edition in the fall of 2021.

Then came the prequel game, Life Is Strange: Before The Storm, which introduced interesting new mechanics and gameplay that wasn’t just a repeat of the previous game. It also filled in the gaps of some of the first game about who Rachel was as seen primarily through the eyes of Chloe before Max even returned to Arcadia Bay. Fans of the series will recognize Steph Gingrich who is a character that is now in Life Is Strange: True Colors. With this knowledge in hand, as well as a new trailer, it’s exciting to see where they will go with this new entry and how it will continue to expand the strange world that is Life Is Strange.

Life Is Strange: True Colors is scheduled for release on September 10 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PC. Check out the trailer for the new installment in the franchise below.

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