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Vanessa Kirby Character Teased in Set Photo


Big day for the recently Oscar-nominated Kirby!


In 2018, Vanessa Kirby appeared in Mission: Impossible – Fallout as Alanna Mitsopolis, aka the White Widow. Even during the rest of that juggernaut, bugnuts action pic extravaganza, Kirby stuck out and struck through. Luckily, she will be reprising the role in the upcoming Mission: Impossible 7. And keeping in line with his predilection for revealing cast members on his Instagram, director Christopher McQuarrie posted a set photo of what the White Widow has been up to — while congratulating the star’s recent Oscar nod to boot.

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Kirby was nominated for Best Leading Actress for her in work in the devastating Netflix drama Pieces of a Woman. And McQuarrie, alongside her “entire Mission family,” offered her “sincerest congratulations for your richly deserved Oscar nomination.” Kirby’s fellow nominees are Viola DavisAndra Day, Frances McDormand, and Carey Mulligan.

Image via Paramount Pictures

This McQuarrie-posted image, like the rest of the images he’s been posting, is appealingly old-school, casting a classical Hollywood-feeling sepia color grading over the affair, making it feel like a more grounded noir thriller (though we imagine there will be plenty of bonkers set pieces no matter the LUT applied). Of filming the anticipated sequel, Kirby told our own Perri Nemiroff that she actually got to work with her sister on set: “My sister’s also a member of the crew on the film. She’s an AD. She was on the first film back up, Jurassic World, in July I think and so I got to see her do it and it was such a wonderful moment because the industry had to shut down and cinemas are closed; to see the films that are getting back up and running and people being able to work was a really beautiful thing.”

Mission: Impossible 7 is scheduled for a November 19, 2021 release, with number eight not too far behind, as the sequels are filming back-to-back. Check out McQuarrie’s set photo of Kirby below.

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