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War for Wakanda Trailer Teases Black Panther Expansion


A familiar Marvel villain is also coming to the Square Enix game.


Square Enix just announced a new expansion pack for Marvel’s Avengers focused on Black Panther. War for Wakanda is set to be released later this year and will add the King of Wakanda as a playable character, with an all-new storyline that will introduce Marvel’s fictional African kingdom in the game. This is the perfect addition to the game, which will not only expand the main story but give the player the opportunity to visit Wakanda from an all-new perspective.

The reveal was part of the Square Enix Presents online conference on Thursday, which also gave a detailed look to Operation: Future Imperfect, the second story expansion for Marvel’s Avengers which released today. Operation: Future Imperfect brings Hawkeye to the game with his dog companion Lucky fighting against Maestro, the futuristic evil-version of The Incredible Hulk. The villain Taskmaster, which will also star in the upcoming Black Widow movie, will also be part of Hawkeye’s story DLC. This is the second story pack added to the game after an expansion focused on Kate Bishop, a DLC which didn’t add enough content for fans to be satisfied.

Marvel's Avengers: War for Wakanda Black Panther logo
Image via Square Enix

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Developed by Crystal Dynamics, Marvel’s Avengers is an action role-playing game that allows fans to become Earth’s mightiest heroes. The game has an all-new narrative campaign heavily inspired by the Marvel Cinematic Universe iteration of the superteam, with just enough comic-book elements to keep things fresh. The game was received with mixed reviews, with critics praising the story and the characters, but pointing out how the core gameplay revolves around a repetitive experience based on replaying missions to collect loot.

Unfortunately, this also means Marvel’s Avengers didn’t sell enough copies to turn a profit for Square Enix, which reported an estimated loss of $63 million in last year’s balance. New fixes and updates have been constantly pushed to the game since its launch back in September 2020 as a way to keep the player base engaged and keep the multiplayer mode of Marvel’s Avengers alive.

Each story expansion of Marvel’s Avengers also comes with new content for the game’s raids, including new items, levels and bosses. Hawkeye’s expansion also increased the level cap, giving players a new reason to keep playing with all available characters. We still don’t know what else War for Wakanda will bring to the table, but as soon as news for the expansion is released, we’ll be sure to report it all here.

You can watch the reveal trailer for War for Wakanda and the new look at Operation: Future Imperfect right below:

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