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Woman arrested at Sarah Everard vigil hits out at ‘disgraceful’ police presence


The event in Clapham, south London, was largely peaceful, but scuffles broke out at the front of a crowd as police surrounded a bandstand covered in floral tributes to the 33-year-old marketing executive.

Ms Stevenson was one of several women led away by police in handcuffs – to shouts and screams from onlookers.

The Met have come under fire for how they policed the vigil

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In an interview with socialist media outlet Counterfire she slammed the police presence at the vigil as “disgraceful”.

“The fact that the police turned up was just disgraceful because before then it was a peaceful protest”, she said.

“I was arrested by police for standing there. I wasn’t doing anything, they threw me to the floor.”

“They have pictures of me on the floor being arrested. I’m 5ft 2 and I weigh nothing.”

“Several police were on my back trying to arrest me. They arrested me in cuffs and dragged me away surrounded by 10 police officers.”

The bandstand at Clapham Common

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Ms Stevenson said that after being hauled over to a police van she was let off with a fine.

“When I got in the van they said ‘all we need is your name and address and then we’ll let you go with a fine’, so I don’t see the point of the arrest to be honest.”

She was asked: “In your opinion what should we do next?”

Ms Stevenson replied: “What should we do next? Bigger protest!”

Home Secretary Priti Patel and London mayor Sadiq Khan have called for an independent investigation into the Metropolitan Police’s actions at a vigil in memory of Sarah Everard.

Ms Patel asked the Chief Inspector of Constabulary to conduct a “lessons learned” review after officers clashed with crowds who gathered to remember the 33-year-old on Clapham Common.


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