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Women in south London share their experiences following death of Sarah Everard


Following the death of Sarah Everard who disappeared in south London many women in nearby areas have spoken out about being harassed and feeling unsafe.

A few of them shared their experiences with the PA news agency.

Annie (left), 24, and Danielle, 25 / PA Wire

“I was groped in broad daylight on a busy street having just left a work drinks celebrating my recent promotion. I had only just left the pub and was about a street away walking to the Tube, when a man shoved me into a wall and assaulted me.

“I was so scared and embarrassed, and I’m mortified that I didn’t fight back. I just couldn’t believe how quickly I went from feeling like a confident, successful woman to violated, weak, little girl. Again, this was in broad daylight on a busy street.

“I still can’t get over how many people saw the incident take place, yet didn’t intervene. Even after I’d pushed the man away, no-one came to check if I was OK.

“Allyship – particularly male allyship – is so important.

“It might not have prevented what happened on that day, but it would have made me feel less powerless and invisible knowing that I wasn’t totally alone on that busy street.”

Ella, 26 / PA Wire

“Whether it’s a beep of a horn, noticing the turn of a head once you’ve walked past or an unwanted comment, I, and so many women, live with this every single day.

“In broad daylight, a car drove past me and I saw the driver turn his head back and beep but I pretended to not have heard – walking with my headphones in but no music playing as I often do.

“As I walked further up the road, the car had stopped and he tried to talk to me as I walked past.

“I politely said ‘please don’t talk to me’.

“He got out of his car and followed me down my own road to ask who I was and what I was doing.

“I stopped and entertained conversation, wondering how to close it off.

“Before long he had asked for my phone number and I felt so worried for my safety about giving a fake number because he would call it there and then.

“When he realised it wasn’t correct he was aggressive and abusive.

“I couldn’t go home because I knew he was on my road for fear of him watching me so I crossed the road and walked the other way before turning back to go home.


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